Order from the Pure Pixel Collections section of our catalog, offering package deals:

Silver : $130.00*
Gold : $160.00*
Platinum : $220.00*
Premium : $250.00*

*Standard sales tax apply*

How to good compare and contrast essay topics get a FREE Church Directory

As part of the church directory program, each person or family will have a chance to receive a Free Church directory.

What You Get For Free

  • On-Site Photography: Professional portrait sessions for your members.
  • Help with Creating Your Church Directory: We’ll guide you through the steps.
  • Free Pastoral Package: Your Pastor, and one Program Coordinator will each receive a free portrait package.
  • Premier Choice Product : Password protected E-Fire, CD for all images and a 24 x 36 Church Family Photo Board
  • Your Cash Bonus: For each Silver, Gold, Platinum or weber 7553 cover Premium package purchased, your church will receive percentage of the profit (see price list). We will also give you a 10% Directory Over Run just in acheter du cialis en ligne case you acquire new members.

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